I was born and grew up in an idyllic and rurally situated area of Korbach, in the middle of Germany. My contact with nature and in particular to animals began at an early age. When I was 5 years old, my mother started to take her first riding lessons. She took me with her to the local riding and driving club, where I soon felt at home and here my love of horse riding was borne. During my school years I spent every possible free minute in the horse stables. Nevertheless, I needed to have something to show for my school work and therefore I decided I had to study something "proper" and did my apprenticeship as a bank clerk. During this time I missed the horses very much and it became clear to me that I was not cut out for a life behind a desk. After completing my apprenticeship I moved together with my then boyfriend, who run a small tournament and commercial stable in North Hessen. A few years later we searched for a new home for ourselves and our horses. After some time, we found a fantastic and beautiful riding stable in The Netherlands, near to the German border. Its location, with easy airport accessibility to both Duesseldorf and Amsterdam, as well as the atmosphere, persuaded us to move there. Today, the facilities contain 20 horse stables, a riding hall, a training quadrangle, a jumping area, paddocks and living quarters for the staff, all situated in 4.5 hectares of pastures.



It was after I visited a miniature horse show in The Netherlands and had seen these wonderful horses, I began my search for the best American Miniature Horse that I could acquire. In 2006 I made a discovery: that person was Tim Pearson, a very well known trainer from Texas, USA, who had imports miniature horses into Europe. Immediately after arrival of the horses I found my dream horse, "Ravenwood Grand Prix Raisin Cain". This wonderful mare has excelled all my expectations. In the first year, as a fledgling miniature horse owner, I was able to win with her the titles of MHCE Reserve European Supreme Halter Champion and Amateur MHCE & Open Reserve Supreme Halter Champion in Belgium. The following year I was able, without any external help, to achieve excellent results with “Raisin Cain”. Five Supreme titles, as well as several times the "Grand Mare" title were added to her trophy cabinet in 2007.



In the meantime, my riding facilities have been converted and transformed more and more into a training stables for my own American Miniature Horses. For those who have got to know this unusual breed, this will come as no surprise intelligence, high motivation, charm and beauty, characterise this breed of horse, and the he daily exercise reaffirms my allure and it is simply a joy to coach them. The training and presentation of horses at shows for me is especially enjoyable, and it became obvious that I had to fulfil my dream of participating in the annual World Championship show, in Forth Worth, TX, USA, where the best horses of this breed are presented and judged.



In March 2007 I began my search for a horse that would possess the quality to be able to take part in this event. Tim Pearson, from whom I had already acquired my highly successful "Raisin Cain“, sold me three horses, which with his assistance, I could enter in to the competition. My horses were able to achieve great success at the World show in 2007. " DOUBLE DIAMONDS THIEFS DANCER " became World Champion in the" Senior Mares over 30"-32" class, and later crowned World Reserve Grand Champion Senior Mare of all the mares overall. "GLENN JAMAICA ME PROUD" became World Reserve Champion Jr Mare Level 1, and "FALLEN ASH FARMS PORTRAIT OF EAGLE" placed just two spots below- Top 10 in the world. Never in my wildest dreams would I have dared to think that my horses could perform so fantastically at the World championships! Tim had done a great job and without him the World championship 2007 endeavor would never have been possible.



Then in 2008 I look back on another highly successful show season. The first horse Tim Pearson and I owned together "Little Washitas Freckels Playboy" won World Champion in Amateur with his breeder Dianne Love and in the Open with Tim World Champion too. He went on to win the World Grand Champion Junior Gelding, which is a highly sought-after! Furthermore, I went on to win three Reserve World Champion titles in : Amateur Senior Stallion with "Fallen Ash Portrait of Eagle", Amateur Single Pleasure Driving with the wonderful "Candylands Best Kept Secreat", and Amateur Junior Geldings with "Rocking M Blues Dots N Spots" Should you ask me who is my most favorite horse? I would answer "Majestic","Tex" and " Raisin Cane"."Raisin Cane", because everything started with her, "Tex" and "Majestic", because they are some of the most beautiful, high intelligent horses with character I have ever met. They will always have a special place in my heart.


The dream continued at the World Show in 2009. First time in the history of the AMHA association a horse owner not from the USA won the World Supreme Halter Champion! Wow! I get still goose bumps! I remember the moment when Tim and "Philia Majestic Majesty" were presented under the spotlights during the Supreme Championship class and she looked so incredible, that people started spontaneously to applaud. Some of my happiest moments I owe this awesome mare. I'm honest, I needed a couple of days to realize myself, what happened that evening in the "Will Rogers Memorial Center". More special event took place in the same year the first ever approved AMHA European Championchip Show in the Netherlands, which was so important for all of us! By the way very successful for TF Miniatures with two Grand titles, two Reserve Grand and winning 6 classes- This was my first horse show I organized with help of my friends at my farm in August, where people came from all over Europe to show their horses. We were able to participate at the international jumping horse show "Mercedes-CSI" in Zürich/Switzerland in January, where we enjoyed to be a part of the daily show-act where some of the best horse trainer demonstrate the perfect harmony between men and horses. Also, we attended the biggest horse fair in Europe the "Equitana"in March, around 850 exhibitors from over 30 countries came to show about 1000 horses, and the Team of TF Miniatures represented some of her best horses in the big Show Arena and had also a booth at this big fair. I was able to organize several clinics and bring some of the best American trainers to my farm. What can I say, it was a busy year and very pleased with all the exposure and being able to share my passion of miniature horses around the World. Of course the big win at the World Show WORLD SUPREME HALTER CHAMPION is a highlight and full of emotions, but best of all the possibility to meet new friends all over the World, what more can you ask for?


In closing, I would like thank you for visiting my website and invite you to introduce yourself should you be at a show around the World or come to one of my clinics. I look forward to meeting you and sharing the passion of the wonderful Miniature Horse.


Tina Fisseler
TF Miniatures


If mankind has ever been judged on the size of conquest,
the greatest would be a true friendship with the horse.
Quotation of Comte de Buffon